ERYTHROBOON is a combination of Chelated Iron, Copper, Vitamins and 
essential bio actives formulated in a powdered form. Erythroboon  fights anaemic 
condition and improves erythropoiesis in birds at a faster pace.

  • Offers supportive therapy for various viral infections including CAV.
  • Stimulates bone marrow to form RBC.
  • Improves Haemoglobin levels in Blood.
  • Prevents Anaemic Condition.
  • Provides energy instantaneously.
  • Relieves stress and boosts up the Immunity.
  • Improves weight gain and FCR.

Broilers & Layers: 1 Kg per ton of feed for 10- 15 days.
Breeders: 1-2 Kg per ton of feed for 10- 15 days.
Large Animals: 30-50 gm daily for 10days.
Sheep: 5-10 gm / day for 5days.
As suggested by the Veterinarian.

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