Sheep and goat contributes to a vital proportion of country's agrarian economy and India secured second position globally in terms of goat population. The productivity of sheep and goat is highly dependent on nutritional and environmental conditions under which they are reared. Comparatively the productivity of Indian sheep and goat is little low and the reasons behind this shift in productivity can be attributed to lack of genetic improvement in the species that are  being  reared and inadequate grazing resources that lead to nutritional imbalance in cattle. Added to this, morbidity due to parasitic diseases and  mortality due to infectious disease outbreaks are quite high in sheep and goat which further resulted in the down fall in productivity .

It is therefore the need of the hour to manoeuvre good management practices and implement highly efficient nutritional regimens to combat diseases, curtail mortality and improve productivity in animals being reared. RR Veterinary Health Care Private Limited, brings you a wide range of strategically formulated nutritional feed supplements that prevents the incidence of parasitic/infectious diseases in  sheep and goat by reinforcing their immune system.