Salt containing Potassium mono per 
sulphate, potassium hydrogen sulphate 
49.8% w/w 
Sodium Chloride 1.5% w/w
Buffer & Excipients Q.S. to 100%
Colour FD & C Yellow
No. 5(-)
  • An Eco safe & effective chemical disinfectant with broad spectrum activity against 
  •     Bacteria (Gram Positive & Gram Negative)
  •     Virus (Enveloped & Non-Enveloped), 
  •     Fungi and all other protozoal forms.
  • Actively penetrates into both organic and inorganic biofilms and kills harmful microbes. 
  • A non toxic / non-irritant disinfectant for safer use even in the presence of birds.
  • Provides effective surface & water disinfection. 
  • Effective in controlling secondary and super infections during sudden disease outbreaks in birds. 
Aerial spray in presence of birds    5 g / litre of water 
(for 125 sq. ft. area)
Terminal disinfection 5 g / litre of water 
(for 25 sq. ft. area)
Routine water sanitation 1 g / 10 litres of 
Water sanitation during disease outbreaks 1 g / litre of 
Hatchery sanitation 5 g / litre of water 
Foot dip / vehicle dip 5-10 g / litre of water


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