An Instant Stress reliever for birds.

Each 5 ml contains:

Vitamin A (Palmitate) 250000  I.U.
Vitamin D3                   30000   I.U.
Vitamin E                   150   mg
Vitamin C                                500   mg   
Vitamin B12                100   mcg
Preservatives                  Q.S 

*In addition to the above ingredients QUITSTRESS GOLD is also fortified with a blend of probiotics, stress relieving agents, antitoxins, liver stimulants and immunostimulant natural extracts. 

  • An excellent stress reliever
  • Helps in improving the overall health condition.
  • Improves the laying performance reduced due to intense heat, illness, cold or cage-fatigue.


Chicks                    : 3ml/100birds for 5-7days           

Growers/Layers     : 4ml/100birds for 5-7 days

Broilers/Breeders   : 7ml/100birds for 5-7days

Large Animals         : 10ml daily for 5-7 days

Calves                       : 7ml daily for 5-7 days                  

Dogs and Cats         : 3ml daily for 5-7 days

(OR)  As suggested by the Veterinarian.


Presentation:  1Ltr HDPE container



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