An Ideal black phenyl that kills microbes effectively. Best choice of phenolic cleaner for foot dip & vehicle dip

Contains  High Boiling Tar Acid (HBTA)  rich light creosote  oil and a combination of various phenolic compounds of higher efficacy in killing germs.

  • PHENOKIL TM is ideal for effective cleaning of vehicle dips, hatcheries, dairy farms, Kennels, Hospitals & other public places with heavy microbial load.
  • PHENOKIL TM cleans pathogens, deodorizes the farm & repels flies
  • PHENOKIL TM is the only Grade 1 Phenolic cleansing product in INDIA
  • Foot dips and vehicle dips: 0.5-1% (5-10ml/litre of water)
  • Drains (Highly soiled area): 1% (10ml/litre of water)
  • Floor Mopping/Cleaning: 0.5% (5ml/litre of water) & 0.4% (4 ml/litre of water) (WHEN USED WITH  HIGH PRESSURE JET MACHINES).
  • General Usage: 05% (5 ml/litre of water)  (OR)   As suggested by the Veterinarian.

    Note: *Based on soiling level the dosage may vary.

  • Presentation:
     20 Litres MS Drum. 
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